We are World Wear Project!

We are World Wear Project, and we are here to help.

After the hot water is running again, after the power comes back on and the media has left, it’s time to move on with the recovery process.

Everything still seems chaotic, absolutely no sense of order, and everything is piled up everywhere.

What do you see after a natural disaster?  You see a little bit of everything thanks to the good-hearted people who donate anything and everything they can think of to disaster locations.

The last thing a disaster stricken community needs is another disaster. Clothing donations usually become a man-made disaster.  Whether it’s a large social service agency, a faith-based organization, or just the local church accepting donations of clothing, sooner or later the donation wave becomes a tidal wave and engulfs manpower, space, and precious time.

We are World Wear Project, and we are here to help.  Joining the International Association of Emergency Managers allows us the opportunity to be a valuable partner in a time of crisis. When no one else has an answer, we do.

  • Turn mountains of clothing, shoes, and toys into available funds.
  • Frees your valuable manpower for other pressing matters.
  • Transportation of donations in our fleet of trucks.
  • Countless storage facilities become available for other purposes.
  • Available funds can be used to stimulate the local economy.
  • Business owners can re-open, and people can get back to work.


We are World Wear Project, and we are here to help.