World Wear Project Team

World Wear Project is part of a larger organization which provides jobs to over 100 individuals in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.  Our office staff consists of many degreed professionals who provide prompt and courteous service to our customers.  Our warehouse staff consists of some of the hardest workers to be found in the metroplex.  We provide opportunities for advancement to our entire staff, as well as a safe and enjoyable work environment.

Inside and outside our offices we are concerned about our environment.  We recycle as much as we possibly can from our warehouse operations from baling wire, corrugated boxes, plastic bags, shrink wrap, plastic sheeting, shoe bags, and the more common soda cans, glass and plastic bottles.

We are a good company with a great mission.  Keeping as many textiles and other recyclable items out of landfills as we possibly can, while helping our community and providing jobs to some great people.

The World Wear Project Team is made up of hardworking, dedicated people who are interested in assisting schools, religious, non-profit and community organizations in raising funds for their programs and charitable goals.  We’re a group of people dedicated to recycling, keeping refuse out of our landfills and fulfilling the stated mission of World Wear Project.  We believe we’re thorough, conscientious, honest and generous.  We’re very proud of our organization and work very diligently to maintain its good reputation.  We’re a great business with a great carbon footprint.