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    Council 11862, at St. Michael the Archangel parish in Garland found an “Outside the Box” way to support the American Wheelchair Foundation. In less than three months, a campaign to collect slightly worn shoes funded the Council's donation of six wheelchairs to the charity.

    In July, 2012, the council and Dallas, TX clothing recycling company, World Wear Project, LLC created this unique fund-raiser. World Wear Project provided bins, branded with the parish and Council names and custom artwork, and placed the bins in the church narthex. Parishioners drop shoes they no longer wear in the bins. The company picks up the shoes and pays the council for the weight collected. There is no cost to the Council or the parish.

    Contact Mike Courtney, Deputy Grand Knight of Council 11862 for more information: mike.courtney@reclaimedtextiles.com  or call him at 214-638-7551 ext. 205.

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    Park(ing) Day Dallas 2012

    Last year we were only able to attend.  This year we were able to participate.  Park(ing) Day Dallas was on Friday, September 21, 2012.  The weather was great, if a bit warm.  There were lots of participants and plenty of Dallasites wondering just what was going on.  It was Park(ing) Day Dallas, a community-focused event that challenges the definition of public space.  PARK(ing) Day was developed in 2005 as a guerilla art project by Rebar and has spread from its origin in San Francisco to over 160 cities around the world (all participating on the same day). The grassroots project has been adapted by independent groups to champion creative, social or political causes relevant to individual communities. The event was brought to downtown Dallas in 2011 by area residents with a mission to be a forum for constructive change; local organizations are encouraged to partner with design talent and advocacy groups to showcase creativity and produce community-enhancing spaces.

    We were able to entertain his honor, the mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings.  He stopped by, took a seat and tweeted to his followers that he was visiting with World Wear Project.  We had photo ops with other Dallas luminaries such as Romeo the Recycling Chipmunk.  He dropped a pair of athletic shoes in our City of Dallas Athletic Shoe Recycling Bin.

    Please enjoy our pictures, visit the Park(ing) Day Dallas website, http://www.parkingdaydallas.org, for more pictures, media coverage, and to learn how you might participate.

    We had a great day at Park(ing) Day Dallas and can’t wait to participate next year.  We’ll be thinking of a new and creative theme for our park(ing) space for 2013.

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  • Posted on November 01 2011 by Eileen Birnbaum

    World Wear Project was a sponsor for Truck Time at Congregation Shearith Israel for November 2011. We were on Channel 8 Good Morning Texas to promote the event.

  • Posted on September 19 2011 by Eileen Birnbaum

    Park(ing) Day Dallas

    Taking occasional field trips is part of what we do here at World Wear Project.  We like to stay in touch with what is going on in the community, visit and support new and interesting events and businesses in the Dallas and surrounding areas.  I heard about Park(ing) Day on KERA radio in the morning but couldn’t find out anything on their website.

    I called a friend in Deep Ellum to find out if he had any information about it since they’d mentioned that there was participation in Deep Ellum.  He at least knew the name of it. 

    We needed to visit one of our recycling partners, Recycle Revolution in Deep Ellum to check on bins they are hosting at their location.  I also had corks I needed to recycle since Recycle Revolution can recycle those for you.  So we set out for Deep Ellum and downtown to see what we would find. 

    Park(ing) Day Dallas in Deep Ellum        Park(ing) Day Dallas Fall 2011

    On Friday, September 16th, Dallas participated in Park(ing) Day which began in San Francisco in 2006 as a social experiment to challenge our perceptions of public space. The annual event calls on citizens to reclaim streets and re-envision them as assets for community-building. The idea has spread around the world, and on that day PARK installations popped up as far away as Iran, India, China and New Zealand. Ideas for the transformed spaces are limitless, but all had the goal of bringing people together.

    What would you put in a parking space?  We at World Wear Project know that we want to participate in next year’s event to bring awareness to textile recycling and the fact that we can keep millions of pounds of shoes and clothing out of our landfills every year.  We’d also like to get the word out about fundraising and partnering with us to raise funds for your organization.  Look for us next year at Park(ing) Day Dallas.