• Posted on November 28 2012 by Eileen Birnbaum

    Collin Association for Sustainable Efforts

    The first scholarship from the Collin Association for Sustainable Efforts, in the amount of $750, was awarded to Marielle Ngoue.  She received her CASE Sustainability Scholarship for the fall 2012 semester.  The scholarship enabled her to pay her tuition and for her college textbooks.  Her plan is to transfer to a 4 year institution at the end of the spring 2013 semester to enroll in a pre-medicine program at either UT or Baylor.  Marielle says, “This scholarship was very helpful because it showed that hard work will always pay off.  I want to thank World Wear Project for providing the textile recycling bins at our college.  They have impacted my academic career exponentially.”
    WWP says way to go Marielle!

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  • Posted on November 05 2012 by Eileen Birnbaum

    Dallas’s Fall Recycling Roundup

    World Wear Project was a part of the recent Dallas Fall Recycling Roundup which took place on September 29th, 2012.  If you recall that day it rained cats and dogs all day long.  Luckily we were dressed for the weather, at least some of us were.  We took shelter under our truck for a while so we could stay dry and ultimately took shelter under a canopy which we set up by our truck. 

    We had a great time accepting gently used shoes and clothing donations as the people of Dallas braved the weather to rid themselves of unwanted items such as tires, light bulbs, electronics, appliances, used books, and lots of televisions.  One of the highlights of the day was the shredding truck that was located on site to shred personal documents.

    We were very happy to be a part of such a great effort to keep items out of our landfills.  We plan to be a part of the Roundup in the spring as well.  Please visit us then, and bring your unwanted shoes and clothing.  I trust that the weather will be a bit more cooperative, but if not, we’ll be prepared to handle it.

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